It s twice the love, says Jane We left the nightclub to go grab some dinner with Jane and then Brooke and I took her back to our house for a few drinks. Alexandra thought we would make a great match and I agreed. For example, Jane and Adam will go to an art gallery date together on Tuesday and then Jane and I will have a romantic evening on Thursday. I tidy up the house while watching Dante.   Soon she d become one of my best friends. This segment was sponsored by FX s brand-new comedy, Married. Adam adds: Half of all marriages now end in divorce so most kids end up having more than one mum and one dad anyway. Most people don t know there s an option, said Trask. So Adam and I decided to work as a team and pick up girls to have sex with together. Alexandra and I were really close friends with a woman called Brooke, who was bisexual. Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation on polyamorous relationships below:Meet Adam Lyons, 34, who lives with his two girlfriends, Brooke Shedd, 26, and Jane Shalakhova, 25 polyamory dating stories. Although Adam and Brooke were thrilled to be together finally, neither of them wanted to have a completely monogamous relationship. In a bid to save their marriage, Adam and Alexandra decided to give polyamory a go - meaning they could have other sexual partners besides each other polyamory dating stories. For many of the guests, polyamory was an awakening, a marked shift away from all conventional wisdom on love and relationships. Last laugh: Adam was voted as least likely to get a girlfriend when he was in school - now he has two. I wanted to see whether this could be something more.

Adam adds: We ended up checking in to a hotel and having two nights of incredible sex. In the evenings when everyone has returned from work, Jane and I will play video games and hang out with Oliver and Dante whilst Adam cooks dinner. It s okay to date someone else if one partner can t provide exactly what you need at that time, says Adam Jane has taken on the role of being Oliver s friend, like a cool aunt to him. She moved into her own place with the man she was dating and I moved in with Brooke and her son, Oliver. In the same way that it s hard to find one person to commit your life to - there s three of us who have to agree to the next person. Jane adds: We have a California king size bed for all three of us because a normal double bed is not enough. Occasionally, the throuple like to involve a fourth partner in their sex life. We had so much fun with Jane and we were able to have really deep conversations with her. Team work: Adam and I decided to work as a team and pick up girls to have sex with together, tells Brooke Adam, Brooke and Jane met for dinner again soon after and on their third date, the trio had sex. The two began sleeping with each other regularly and Adam ended relations with the other women that he had been dating before Brooke. She has kind of become my son s favourite person, which was a bit heart-breaking for me initially. The trio - who share a super-kingsize bed and take it in turns to have romantic date nights together - insist that they can provide a loving family environment for their newborn. Then we ll sit down at the table and eat together before I head off to work. I became a nerd who stayed at home all day. I made sure to tell Brooke about it before and we were texting each other throughout which was kind of funny. In a conversation that aired on HuffPost Live, three advocates for polyamory discussed how they broke their ties to the monogamous life and ended up happier for it.

I had always thought Brooke fancied women more that men but Alexandra encouraged me to make a move on her. Adam says: Every so often, Jane, Brooke and I like to pick up another girl. A few months later, they all bought a house that they could all live in together..
. I knew that sex could have happened that first night but I really liked Jane and I didn t want to push her into anything. Leon Feingold, co-president of Open Love NY, had his epiphany while on a date with a polyamorous woman. We try to wind things down in our house by 8pm and we ll all head off to bed soon after. We were like any other normal, happy couple. It can get insanely warm and sweaty sleeping in one bed together. I really pushed for us to have an open relationship too. Jane - who is bisexual but who had only been in a monogamous relationship before - says: I loved how there was no pressure to do anything when I first met Adam and Brooke. It s like imagine you meet your soul mate. Except in ours, there ll be one dad and two mums who live under the same roof - and there ll be nothing but love for our children. Jane, who is originally from Russia, adds: With Oliver, I am an adult who has authority but he also views me as a cool, older friend - someone who can cut him some slack and bend the rules for him a little. Adam approached Brooke about the idea and the pair first had sex during a trip together. ..


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